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Chand Ali Khan Qawwal & Party are the leading UK-based international Qawwali and Bollywood group, primarily performing in the art of Qawwali, the devotional music of the Sufis.

Extending the 700-year old genre of Qawwali, Chand Ali Khan Qawwal & Party are the leading lights of qawwali in Europe. The lead qawwal, Chand Ali Khan, is widely credited for his virtuoso talents in Qawwali and Naat to a range of international audiences, particularly in the UK. He performs the sacred art form with his mesmerising vocals that create a powerful resonance encompassing the most complex techniques of the 700-year old tradition. Chand Ali Khan has been rigorously trained under some of the legends of the music industry. Coupled with the disciplined training of the Party, this generates a fiery and compelling experience, as enjoyed by audiences around the world.


Born in Pakistan, Chand Ali Khan had his first public performance at the age of 13 at his International School Sufi Day. Initiated and trained under the Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Memorial Academy UK, he was appointed the Head of the Qawwali party with the permission of Haji Muhammad Iqbal Naqeebi (Secretary & Manager of the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan). Chand Ali Khan is also the ‘shagird’, or disciple, of world-renowned Ustad Iqbal Hassan Khan, influenced and impressed by the legendary and authentic style of raw qawwali as popularised by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Today, Chand Ali Khan is in high demand, performing across the UK & Europe, and engaging in collaborations with various artists across the world. He is strongly established as an artist in UK qawwali, and has received recognition from the qawwali circles for his humble rapport. Chand Ali Khan recently featured in Riz Ahmed's BAFTA-nominated independent film, Mogul Mowgli, as a composer/songwriter a brand-new qawwali track for the titular film, named 'Mein Sharabi'. The film went on to win Best Music at the British Independent Film Awards.

The Party have performed on a number of national and international platforms at a variety of organisations, institutes, cultural festivals, religious celebrations and public concerts as featured below.

Chand Ali Khan Qawwal & Party are now available for Weddings | Festivals | Charities | Corporate Events | Private Occasions worldwide.

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